We are accelerators for the Telco distribution channel.

We are accelerators for the Telco distribution channel.

We are accelerators for the Telco distribution channel.
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    Strategy and digital marketing service for the creation of lead campaigns
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We devise, design and operate the customization program and accelerate B2B and B2C channels.

NATEEVO has been the selected consultant / integrator to define and implement the entire customization strategy, establish customer clusters and personalization rules for their specific customer journeys.

The key to success

  • Personalization Strategy. How to effectively manage each moment of the Client, ensuring the most appropriate message and communication channels
  • Implementation of a DMP solution(Digital Marketing Pesonalization) that allows them to maximize user experience and conversion rates in all of their digital channels.
  • Best Practices of Adobe configuration. To capture the full potential of the Solution in accordance with the Personalization Strategy and Objective User Experiences.
  • Evolution Plan of the Platform. To release short results and from an evolutionary development, evolve the scope of personalization.
  • Maximize and monetize the capabilities of the suite. Extending the current integration model: Sites Vodafone.es, Mi Vodafone and third systems.

Creation, design and layout of creatives

  • Start-up of the continuous flow of creation of creatives, according to the audiences and defined criteria.
  • Creatives are carried out for each case, after their approval, they are designed to be taged and thus have a follow-up in A / B test.
  • Implementation of the integration model and implementation of integrated tests.