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Our talent at the service of our clients


Santalucía: Native home app!

We helped the clients of Santalucía to manage their policies and home claims. Through an application developed with AGILE sprint methodology, we conceptualised the features in order to facilitate browsing (UI) and user experience (UX), consolidating the digital transformation of the company and connecting with people at times of uncertainty.


Pibank: The digital bank of the Pichincha group

We added value to the personalised multi-channel experience and we developed the security of financial data that the bank needed. By applying the Atomic Design and Mobile First trends, we created a digital bank that is accessible from any device, for all of its clients.


Coca-Cola European Partners: Enjoy Summer Website

We enabled Coca-Cola European Partners to increase the participation rate in their summer campaign by 73%. We devised, designed, managed and developed the digital assets of Coca-Cola´s Enjoy Summer campaign for Spain and Portugal. Following the AGILE methodology, we focused on optimising and simplifying user experience in order to encourage their participating.

We made an impact on

Some of the people behind the ideas

Cristina Vivancos

I have spent almost two years at NATEEVO in the Marketing Automation team as a consultant for MAPFRE. My job is to ensure that the client attains the assurance and confidence that their project is progressing and being managed effectively.

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Anna Álvarez

Teams that enjoy working together produce better work.” Jeff Gothelf. When UX is paired with the Agile methodology, when the management of a design department becomes simple…that is where my work becomes visible.

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Abraham Gómez

My main job is to implement and integrate the developments on the projects that the back-end group works on. I always seek to convey positive energy and good vibes to my colleagues to make our days more enjoyable.

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Sofia de MiguelDigital Business

My name is Sofía and I work in the Digital Strategy department where we work to design the best route for each project and each company to follow. Also, we ensure that our clients fulfil their objectives and transform their digital initiatives into realities.

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Edgar de PazSEO Consultant

As an SEO consultant, my aim in life is for your website to appear first when your clients most need you. I have spent more than a year and a half at Nateevo battling it out with Google.

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Jorge AlonsoUX Consultant

At Nateevo I am part of the Experience department, where my role is that of a facilitator: ensuring that the expectations of the business and the real needs of the user are aligned, thus resulting in a suitable road map in order to attain the most viable solution for any kind of service or product.

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Anthony CostaBack Developer

My name is Anthony and I work in the Development department where we work to carry out all the projects of all companies, whether large, medium or small-sized, that need and must have a website. We ensure that their websites are a useful tool that meets the objectives set at the outset.

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Jose Antonio NavarroDigital Business

My name is José Antonio and I work as a Digital Transformation consultant, helping our clients to discover and co-create products and services that help to boost their digital transformation, by committing to customer-centric and data-driven approaches.

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